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Our drone surveys provide accurate for various applications, including roof assessments, guttering inspections, solar panel checks and more with crystal-clear images and data.We help you make informed decisions about your property.
Verstatile Drone Survey Applications

Our drone surveys can be applied to a wide range of scenarios, including roofing assessments. Guttering inspections, general roof, evaluations, solar panels, checks, brickwork, and chimney inspections, inspections of inaccessible structures, and infrared heat loss detection.

Cost Effective and Efficient

Our drone surveys offer a cost-effective and time efficient alternative to traditional methods by eliminating the need for expensive scaffolding or access equipment. We can provide significant cost savings and quick survey completion with minimal disruption.

Crystal Clear Imaging

Our drones capture crystal-clear UHD images, allowing for close-up inspection and providing accurate and exhaustive data for thorough assessments.

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Unlocking New Perspectives: Drone Surveys for Hard to Reach Areas

Our drone surveys are versatile and can be applied to various scenarios, including:

Domestic and commercial roofing assessments.
Guttering & soffit inspections.
General roof evaluations.
We can check the condition of solar panels.
Inspection of brickwork and chimneys.
Safe inspection of inaccessible structures.
General roof evaluation.
Infrared heat loss prevention and detection.

Experience the Power of Aerial Surveys

At Sky Tech Images we offer cost-effective drone surveys that provide significant cost savings, high resolution images, mapping of accessible places and quick survey completion, giving you accurate data and improving your need for preventative maintenance. Choose us for all your aerial surveying needs.

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CAA Approved | Fully Insured | Expert Drone Services

Sky Tech Images Ltd is the leading provider of professional and reliable aerial building surveys and inspections in Newton Abbot, Exeter, Teignmouth, Torbay, and the surrounding areas. As CAA approved and fully insured drone pilots, we specialize in high-level aerial surveys of towers, chimney structures, and roofing using advanced radio-controlled quadcopter drones (UAVs). Our skilled pilots are experts in navigating "difficult to reach" areas, providing you with detailed aerial camera ultra-HD 4K video footage and high-resolution 20-megapixel still aerial images.

Comprehensive Building Surveys & Inspections

We cater to a diverse clientele, including property owners, leasehold tenants, chartered surveyors, consultants, local councils, and religious organisations.

Our extensive portfolio includes surveys of listed buildings, retail parks, churches, industrial sites, wind turbines, solar farms, towers, and landmark structures.

Whether you need a thorough roof inspection, analysis of brickwork, assessment of lightning conductors, stonework evaluation, or examination of chimneys, weather vanes, roof tiles, lead work, asbestos, and roof valleys, our high-level drone surveys provide precise and comprehensive results.

Cost-Effective Aerial Surveys with Unrivalled Safety

At Sky Tech Images Ltd, we offer a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to traditional methods such as scaffolding, platforms, steeplejacks, or cherry pickers. Our UAV aerial building surveys eliminate the need for "Working at Height" health and safety regulations, making them a safer option for unsound or challenging-to-access structures. We can perform high-level aerial surveys from ground level to 400ft, providing a detailed view of your building's condition without the inconvenience or potential hazards associated with other methods.

Real-Time Monitoring & Access to Survey Data

During the survey, you can stand with us and monitor the video in real time, ensuring that we capture the exact images and information you require. We efficiently cover large surveying areas in half a day, and our drones have extended flight times, enabling us to operate all day with minimal disruption.

Estate Agents Take your property listings to new heights with Sky Tech Images drone photography

Elevate your property photography with Sky Tech Images Ltd drones. Based in Teignmouth, we use the latest drone technology to capture stunning aerial views of properties that stand out from the crowd.
Gone are the days of limited vantage points for photographing properties. Our drones allow us to showcase homes and land from new perspectives that were previously impossible to achieve. We can fly over properties to highlight key features, provide unique elevated angles, and showcase the surrounding areas.

A common misconception is that aerial drone photography is only useful for large, multi-acre properties. That couldn't be further from the truth. We've found innovative ways to utilise drone photography to enhance listings of all sizes. By combining drone shots with traditional photography, your listings will capture the eye of more prospective buyers browsing online.

Let Sky Tech Images Limited drones take your photography to the next level and make your properties stand out. We capture properties from every vantage point, delivering a comprehensive photographic story of the homes we photograph.

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